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  Series No      Teaching No.     Series Title / Teaching Title

  B000              CLASSIC TEACHING

                        EB201            LIFE ON WINGS  

                        EB202            THY KINGDOM COME


                        EB025            SHARING SACRED SECRETS

                        EB026            A SERIOUS IMBALANCE

  B002              SHEPHERDING

                        EB001            AN AUTOBIO AND INTRO

                        EB002            BIBLICAL SHEPHERDING

                        EB003            QUALIFICATIONS OF A SHEPHERD

                        EB004            SHEPHERD'S RESPONSIBILITIES

                        EB005            WHEN SHEPHERDS FAIL

                        EB006            DISCIPLESHIP & GOD'S KINGDOM

                        EB007            THE CHIEF SHEPHERD AND HIS SHEEP (02)

  B003              HOLINESS AN OVERVIEW

                        EB114            HOLINESS ( 01)

                        EB115            HOLINESS ( 02)

  B004              MY KINGDOM AND TRUTH   CANADA 1988

                        EB701            MY KINGDOM & TRUTH (01)

                        EB702            MY KINGDOM & TRUTH (02)

                        EB703            MY KINGDOM & TRUTH (03)

                        EB704            MY KINGDOM & TRUTH (04)

                        EB705            MY KINGDOM & TRUTH (05)

                        EB706            MY KINGDOM & TRUTH (06)

  B005              CONSCIENCE

                        EB111            WHAT IS IT

                        EB112            IT MUST BE DEVELOPED

                        EB113            IT MUST BE CLEAN

  B006              GOD'S WORLD PURPOSE

                        EB104            THE GOSPEL OF THE GARDEN   

                        EB105            THE GOSPEL OF THE LAND

                        EB106            THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM

B007               THE KING AND HIS ARMY

                        EB116            NOT BY MIGHT

                        EB117            BY MY SPIRIT

                        EB118            ARMY QUALIFICATIONS

                        EB119            CROWNING THE KING

                        EB909            THE KING AND HIS ARMY PT 5


                        EB036            SITTING AT JESUS' FEET  (Classic)

                        EB037            HOW MUST THE CHURCH FUNCTION

                        EB038            KNOWING THE UNKNOWABLE

                        EB039            CHRIST'S BODY AND THE CHURCH

                        EB040A          YOU, HAVING THE MIND OF CHRIST PT.01

                        EB040B          YOU, HAVING THE MIND OF CHRIST PT.02

                        EB042            JESUS' CHURCH .. GETTING IN  (01)

                        EB043            JESUS' CHURCH .. STAYING IN  (02)

                        EB044            A PECULIAR PEOPLE--THE CHURCH

                        EB045            THE GIFT OF HELPS

                        EB046            CLEAN OUT LICENSE AND LEGALISM

                        EB047            GROWING UP IN CHRIST--THE HEAD

                        EB048            APPROACHING GOD

                        EB050            SHRIVELED SAINTS

                        EB051            RESTORATION THROUGH RESURRECTION

                        EB052            ON COMMUNION

                        EB056            GOD'S WORD IS SUPREME

                        EB057            LEADERS AND LOYALTY

                        EB058            AVOIDING A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN

                        EB061            THE BUSINESS OF LIVING

                        EB062            CAN GOD USE YOU?

                        EB063            THE BIBLICAL ROLE FOR YOUNG MEN

                        EB064            PURITY AND THE PECULIAR PEOPLE

                        EB065            BAPTISM: A FOUNDATION STONE

                        EB066            RESIST MIND POLLUTION

                        EB075            IT'S GOD'S CHURCH NOT OURS

                        EB086            THE PRAYER LIFE OF JESUS

                        EB087            LOVE NOT THE WORLD

                        EB088            THE POWER OF THE FATHER'S LOVE

                        EB090            FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT

                        EB092            THE GLORY OF GOD'S PLAN

                        EB096            SAVED BY THE LAW

                        EB097            SAINTS IN THE WRONG PLACES

                        EB098            THE SEVEN LOVES OF JOHN 14

                        EB099            CLEANSE OURSELVES!

                        EB100            SEVEN CHARACTERISTICS OF JESUS



                        EB008            CREATION BEGAN WITH AUTHORITY

                        EB009            SATAN'S FIRST ATTACK ON GOD

                        EB010            HOW SATAN ATTACKS ALL MEN

                        EB011            CONSEQUENCES OF VIOLATING GOD'S ORDER

                        EB012            DISORGANIZATION IS PROGRESSIVE

                        EB013            CHRIST MISSION IS TO RESTORE AUTHORITY

                        EB014            AUTHORITY AND THE TRINITY

  B011              IMAGE OF GOD

                        EB120            STATEMENT OF FACT 

                        EB121            ELABORATION OF FACT

                        EB122            THE CORRUPTED IMAGE

                        EB123            THE COMPOSITION OF THE IMAGE

                        EB124            THE PHYSICAL IMAGE

                        EB125            THE EXPRESS IMAGE

  B012              ENTERING THE LAND

                        EB126            WHERE ARE WE GOING

                        EB127            THE WILDERNESS

                        EB128            WHERE IS THE LAND

                        EB129            WHAT IS THE LAND


                        EB143            THE NATURE OF COVENANT

                        EB144            RIGHTS OF COVENANT

                        EB145            THE RESPONSE OF COVENANT

                        EB146            THE PROMISE OF COVENANT


                        EB151            HOLY SPIRIT, THE NEGLECTED PERSON

                        EB152            THE KING AND THE HOLY SPIRIT

                        EB153            KINGDOM & THE SPIRIT HISTORICALLY

                        EB154            KINGDOM & THE SPIRIT IDEALLY

  B017              FOUNDATIONS OF THE FAITH

                        EB155            FOUNDATIONS--THEIR PLACE

                        EB156            REPENTANCE

                        EB157            SIN AND REPENTANCE

                        EB158            FAITH

                        EB159            BAPTISM (01)

                        EB160            BAPTISM (02)

                        EB161            BAPTISM (03)

                        EB162            LAYING ON OF HANDS

                        EB163            RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD (01)

                        EB164            RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD (02)

                        EB165            ETERNAL JUDGMENT (01)

                        EB166            ETERNAL JUDGMENT (02)

  B018              THIS GREAT SALVATION

                        EB194            JUSTIFICATION

                        EB195            PROPITIATION

                        EB196            REDEMPTION

                        EB197            RECONCILIATION

                        EB198            REGENERATION

                        EB199            SANCTIFICATION

                        EB200            GLORIFICATION

  B019              THE KINGDOM OF TRUTH

                        EB188            KINGDOM OF TRUTH (01)

                        EB189            KINGDOM OF TRUTH (02)


                        EB553            THE BASIS OF COVENANT

                        EB554            THE UNITY OF COVENANT

                        EB555            THE MAKING OF INTERPERSONAL COVENANT

                        EB556            THE TEST OF COVENANT

  B021              SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY

                        EB500            SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY  (01)

                        EB501            SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY  (02)

  B022              THE PATH TO MATURITY

                        EB506            THE MEANING OF PERFECTION

                        EB507            GOD'S PURPOSE IN PERFECTION

                        EB508            THE PATTERN SON

                        EB509            PLATEAUS OF PERFECTION

                        EB510            PROCESS OF PERFECTION  (01)

                        EB511            PROCESS OF PERFECTION  (02)

  B023              THE POWER & PURPOSE OF PRAISE

                        EB512            THE POWER & PURPOSE OF PRAISE

                        EB513            PRAYER IN THE NEW ORDER

                        EB514            REASONS FOR PRAISING THE LORD

                        EB515            SAINTS & CELEBRATION

                        EB516            THE CHURCH & IT'S MISSION

  B024              JESUS IN THE MIDST

                        EB517            JESUS IN THE MIDST OF TRUTH

                        EB518            JESUS IN THE MIDST OF SIN

                        EB519            JESUS IN THE MIDST OF GOVERNMENT

                        EB589            JESUS IN THE MIDST


B025               KINGDOM OF GOD

                        EB521            GOD - THE SOURCE OF AUTHORITY

                        EB522            GOD DELEGATES AUTHORITY

                        EB523            GOD'S ULTIMATE DELEGATED AUTHORITY

                        EB524            HOW TO ENTER KINGDOM AUTHORITY

  B026              THE CHRISTIAN IN THE WORLD

                        EB557            MANKIND IN WORLD CRISIS

                        EB558            GOD & THE NATIONS

                        EB559            THE BELIEVER & THE WORLD


                        EB560            REDEEMED & PREPARED

                        EB561            COMMISSIONED & FAILING

                        EB562            INTERPRETING THE TYPE

  B028              A BODY FOR CHRIST

                        EB574            A BODY FOR CHRIST  (01)

                        EB575            A BODY FOR CHRIST  (02)

                        EB576            A BODY FOR CHRIST  (03)

  B029              REVELATION 4 AND 5

                        EB140A          REVELATION 4 AND 5  (01)

                        EB140B          REVELATION 4 AND 5  (02)

  B030              WHERE ARE WE GOING IN THIS HOUR?

                        EB577            OUT OF BONDAGE

                        EB578            THROUGH THE WILDERNESS  (01)

                        EB579            THROUGH THE WILDERNESS  (02)

                        EB580            THE NATURE OF THE LORD (01)

                        EB581            THE NATURE OF THE LORD (02)

                        EB582            CHRISTIANITY IN CRISIS

  B031              THE WORLD IS WAITING

                        EB586            THE WORD OF COMMUNITY

                        EB587            DISTINGUISHING THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY

  B032              PROPHETIC SEMINAR

                        EB610            THE PROPHETS & THE PROMISE PAST

                        EB611            THE PROPHETS & THE PROMISE PRESENT

                        EB612            THE PROPHETS & THE PROMISE FUTURE


                        EB749            PAUL & HIS EPISTLES

                        EB750            PAUL & JUDAISM

                        EB751            PAUL'S EMERGENCE

                        EB752            PAUL'S BEGINNINGS

                        EB753            PAUL'S APOSTLESHIP

                        EB754            PAUL'S WRITINGS

  B035              GETTING IN AND STAYING IN

                        EB743            CREEDS

                        EB744            INITIATION

                        EB745            TRANSITION

                        EB746            THE KEYS & THE KINGDOM

                        EB747            HOW TO STAY IN

                        EB748            BINDING & LOOSING

  B036              PREACHING

                        EB755            NATURE & GOAL OF PREACHING

                        EB756            PREPARATION FOR PREACHING

                        EB757            MANNER OF PREACHING

  B037              CHARISMA AND CHARACTER

                        EB244            CHARISMA AND CHARACTER (01)

                        EB245            CHARISMA AND CHARACTER (02)

  B038              THE CROSS

                        EB233            THE CROSS (01)

                        EB234            THE CROSS (02)

                        EB235            THE CROSS (03)

                        EB236            THE CROSS (04)

  B039              ULTIMATE TRIUMPH

                        EB251            PROPHESIED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT

                        EB252            INAUGURATED IN THE GOSPELS

                        EB253            CONSUMMATED IN THE EPISTLES AND

  B040              PAUL GOD'S SERVANT

                        EB254            APOSTLE PAUL - THE MAN

                        EB255            APOSTLE PAUL - THE EPISTLES

                        EB256            APOSTLE PAUL - JUDAISM


                        EB257            APOSTOLIC CHURCH PLANTING (01)

                        EB258            APOSTOLIC CHURCH PLANTING (02)

                        EB259            APOSTOLIC CHURCH PLANTING (03)

                        EB260            APOSTOLIC CHURCH PLANTING (04)


B042               THE HOLY SPIRIT IS CHRIST

                        EB261            THE HOLY SPIRIT IS CHRIST - LECTURE

                        EB262            THE HOLY SPIRIT IS CHRIST - DISCUSSION


                        EB804            A NEGLECTED EMPHASIS

                        EB805            THE EMPHASIS IN ACTS

                        EB806            THE EMPHASIS IN THE EPISTLES

                        EB807            RESURRECTION AND THE HOLY SPIRIT


                        EB401            CAUSE OF DISORGANIZATION (01)

                        EB402            CAUSE OF DISORGANIZATION (02)

                        EB403            COURSE OF DISORGANIZATION (01)

                        EB404            COURSE OF DISORGANIZATION (02)


                        EB563            RESTORATION OF DIVINE STRUCTURE &

                        EB564            RESTORATION OF DIVINE STRUCTURE &

                        EB565            RESTORATION OF DIVINE STRUCTURE &

                        EB566            RESTORATION OF DIVINE STRUCTURE &

  B052              AUTHORITY OR ANARCHY

                        EB640            THE CAUSE OF DISORDER

                        EB641            THE COURSE OF DISCOURSE

                        EB642            STRUCTURE OF CHRISTIAN SOCIETY

                        EB643            STRUCTURE OF CHRISTIAN MINISTRY

  B053              HOLINESS OF ISRAEL

                        EB693            HOLINESS - A DEFINITION

                        EB694            HOLINESS OF ISRAEL (01)

                        EB695            HOLINESS OF ISRAEL (02)

                        EB696            HOLINESS OF ISRAEL (03) TRUTH

  B054              RIGHTEOUSNESS NEEDED

                        EB726            RIGHTEOUSNESS NEEDED  (01)

                        EB727            RIGHTEOUSNESS NEEDED  (02)

  B055              THE ADAM / CHRIST ANALOGY

                        EB758            THE ADAM / CHRIST ANALOGY  (01)

                        EB759            THE ADAM / CHRIST ANALOGY  (02)

                        EB760            THE ADAM / CHRIST ANALOGY  (03)

                        EB761            THE ADAM / CHRIST ANALOGY  (04)

                        EB762            THE ADAM / CHRIST ANALOGY  (05)

  B056              KEYS OF THE KINGDOM

                        EB763            HOW TO GET IN  (01)

                        EB764            HOW TO STAY IN  (02)

                        EB765            HOW TO GROW IN (03)

  B057              IS GOD'S WORLD PERFECT

                        EB798            IS GOD'S WORLD PERFECT  (01)

                        EB799            IS GOD'S WORLD PERFECT  (02)

                        EB800            IS GOD'S WORLD PERFECT  (03)

                        EB801            IS GOD'S WORLD PERFECT  (04)

                        EB802            IS GOD'S WORLD PERFECT  (05)

                        EB803            IS GOD'S WORLD PERFECT  (06)

  B058              KINGDOM OF TRUTH...CANADA...90

                        EB804            KINGDOM CONFUSION

                        EB805            KINGDOM CONTROVERSY

                        EB806            KINGDOM ASPECTS

                        EB807            KINGDOM PURPOSE

                        EB808            TRUTH DEFINED

                        EB809            DEMONSTRATION OF TRUTH

  B100              FEAST OF TABERNACLES 1984

                        EB861            LEADERSHIP - FEAST OF TABERNACLES

                        EB862            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (01)

                        EB863            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (02)

                        EB864            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (03)

                        EB865            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (04)

                        EB866            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (05)

                        EB867            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (06)

                        EB868            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (07)

                        EB869            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (08)

                        EB870            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (09)

                        EB871            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (10)

                        EB872            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (11)

                        EB873            FEAST OF TABERNACLES (12) - ROMANS STUDY

  B101              TIMOTHY SESSIONS

                        EB263            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (01)

                        EB264            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (02)

                        EB265            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (03)

                        EB266            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (04)

                        EB267            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (05)

                        EB268            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (06)

                        EB269            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (07)

                        EB270            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (08)

                        EB271            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (09)

                        EB272            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (10)

                        EB273            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (11)

                        EB274            DISTINCTIVENESS OF PAUL  (12)

  B102              THE NEW REFORMATION

                        EB275            THE NEW REFORMATION  (01)

                        EB276            THE NEW REFORMATION  (02)

                        EB277            THE NEW REFORMATION  (03)

  B103              GOALS OF LEADERSHIP

                        EB278            GOALS OF LEADERSHIP  (01)

                        EB279            GOALS OF LEADERSHIP  (02)

  B104              THE RISEN CHRISTíS GIFTS

                        EB280            THE RISEN CHRISTíS GIFTS  (01)

                        EB281            THE RISEN CHRISTíS GIFTS  (02)

                        EB282            THE RISEN CHRISTíS GIFTS  (03)

                        EB283            THE RISEN CHRISTíS GIFTS  (04)

  B105              THE HOLY SPIRIT CONFERENCE . . AUGUST, 1991

                        EB284            CALAMITOUS COMPROMISE

                        EB285            A SERIOUS IMBALANCE

                        EB286            THE KINGDOM OF GOD

                        EB287            A SERIOUS NEGLECT

                        EB288            THE WORLD, THE KINGDOM & THE CHURCH

                        EB289            THE KINGDOM & THE TRINITY

                        EB290            DOER OF THE WORD (01)

                        EB291            A NEW DAY DEMANDS A NEW DIMENSION ..

                        EB293            DOER OF THE WORD (03)

                        EB295            REVELATION & THE HOLY SPIRIT

                        EB296            THREE DIALOGUES .. (EARL PAULK)

                        EB298            THE GLORIOUS CHURCH WILL BE HOLY

                        EB299            MARY & MARTHA

                        EB300            GOD'S DIVINE INTENTION FOR THE WORLD ..

                        EB301            KINGDOM PRESSURE

  B107              CHARACTER AND CHARISMA

                        EB821            CHARACTER AND CHARISMA (01)

                        EB822            CHARACTER AND CHARISMA (02)

                        EB823            CHARACTER AND CHARISMA (03)

                        EB824            CHARACTER AND CHARISMA (04)


                        EB835            THE TABERNACLE OF WORSHIP

                        EB836            THE BRAZEN ALTAR

                        EB837            THE BRAZEN LAVER

                        EB838            THE TABLE OF SHEW BREAD

                        EB839            THE LAMPSTAND

                        EB840            THE ALTAR OF INCENSE

                        EB841            THE ARK OF THE COVENANT

  B111              KINGDOM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT

                        EB874            KINGDOM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT  (01)

                        EB875            KINGDOM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT  (02)

  B112              HOLY SPIRIT

                        EB876            HOLY SPIRIT (01)

                        EB877            HOLY SPIRIT (02)

                        EB878            HOLY SPIRIT (03)

                        EB879            HOLY SPIRIT (04)

  B113              KING AND THE GOVERNMENT

                        EB880            KING AND THE GOVERNMENT  (01)

                        EB881            KING AND THE GOVERNMENT  (02)

  B115              COVENANT

                        EB889            THE MEANING OF COVENANT

                        EB890            THE MEN OF COVENANT

  B116              CREED / HISTORY

                        EB899            CREED / HISTORY (01)

                        EB900            INITIATION  (02) PT.01

                        EB901            INITIATION  (03) PT.02

                        EB902            INITIATION  (04) PT.03

                        EB903            CREED / HISTORY (05)

                        EB904            CREED / HISTORY (06)

  B117             LIFE IN THE KINGDOM

                        EB907            LIFE IN THE KINGDOM (01)

                        EB908            LIFE IN THE KINGDOM (02)


                        EB730A            RIGHTEOUSNESS PROVIDED (01)

                        EB730B            RIGHTEOUSNESS PROVIDED (02)

  B200              INDIVIDUAL TEACHING

                        EB041            MERCY

                        EB101            TRUTH IN THE CAROLS

                        EB102            LIVING THE NEW YEAR DAILY

                        EB103            THE KING'S DONKEY

                        EB130            THE LORD FOR THE BODY- ON DIVINE HEALING

                        EB131            SATAN'S DEVICES

                        EB132            DIVINE ORDER

                        EB133            GOVERNOR OF THE CHURCH

                        EB134            CHRIST IN THE MIDST

                        EB135            BROKEN BREAD

                        EB136            GOD'S BEAUTIFUL PLAN

                        EB137            THE UNAVOIDABLE GOD

                        EB138            PSALM 2

                        EB139            KINGDOM PRESSURES

                        EB170            KEYS OF THE KINGDOM

                        EB172            EAGLE CHRISTIANS              

                        EB190            THE COVENANT COMMUNITY

                        EB191            THE WORD AND THE SPIRIT

                        EB192            THE WORD OF GOD               

                        EB193            WORSHIP

                        EB225            HISTORY MAKING PRAYER

                        EB227            THINGS OF GOD

                        EB229            WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY?

                        EB230            JESUS' CHURCH--GROWING

                        EB231            REVELATION NOT REASON

                        EB243            THE ARTHUR WALLIS MEMORIAL LECTURE

                        EB250            COVENANT

                        EB520            THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT

                        EB525            THE HOUR IN WHICH HE WAS BETRAYED

                        EB532            DISCERNING THE DIVINE DISRUPTION

                        EB533            RESTORING THE GLORY

                        EB534            THE HOUR OF THE ULTIMATE

                        EB535            GOD'S PLAN IN FULFILLMENT

                        EB536            PETER'S PROPHETIC MIRACLE WALK

                        EB537            FAITH MEASURED AND UNMEASURED

                        EB538            EQUIPPED TO FULFILL

                        EB539            COMING OUT OF EGYPT

                        EB540            THE GREAT GOVERNOR

                        EB567            THE LAWS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH

                        EB568            SONS OR BASTARDS

                        EB570            THE WILL & PURPOSE OF GOD

                        EB571            GOD'S REVEALED SECRET PLAN

                        EB572            RESTORATION THROUGH RESURRECTION

                        EB573            THE CALL & PREPARATION FOR MINISTRY

                        EB583            THE BOND OF PEACE

                        EB584            WHY BLESSING IS WITHHELD

                        EB585            EQUIPPED TO FULFILL

                        EB588            WHERE IS GOD TAKING US?

                        EB590            BEAUTY OF HOLINESS

                        EB591            CLEANING OUT THE LEAVEN

                        EB592            EVANGELISM BY EXAMPLE

                        EB593            WHAT IS GOD SAYING ABT DISCIPLINING THE

                        EB594            MIRACLE BREAD

                        EB595            HAVING THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS

                        EB596            BUILDING FOR PERMANENCE

                        EB597            RIGHTEOUSNESS THROUGH JUSTIFICATION

                        EB598            SPIRITUAL SEDUCTION

                        EB599            BAPTIZED INTELLIGENCE

                        EB600            CHARACTER OF THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD (Bad Audio)

                        EB601            THE IMPORTANCE OF UNITY AT THE TOP

                        EB602            BEAUTY

                        EB604            THE EARTH IS THE LORD'S

                        EB605            PRAYING IN THE DIVINE PURPOSE

                        EB607            SHEPHERDS TAKE HEED

                        EB613            THE MANIFESTATIONS OF THE SONS OF GOD

                        EB614            ZION - THE PEOPLE OF GOD

                        EB615            GOD'S BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE

                        EB616            DITCH DIGGER'S REVIVAL

                        EB617            GOD & HIS WORLD

                        EB618            A PATTERN FOR GOOD

                        EB619            EAGLES

                        EB620            DISTINGUISHING CHRISTIAN FRIENDS

                        EB621            A PROGRESSIVE FAITH

                        EB626            ORDER AND OUTREACH (1)

                        EB630            FULFILLMENT IN FELLOWSHIP

                        EB631            GOOD-BYE & GOD BLESS YOU

                        EB632            THE THRONE OF PRAISE

                        EB634            GOD & HIS WORLD

                        EB635            THE HIGH COST OF IGNORANCE

                        EB636            GOING ON WITH GOD

                        EB637            GOD'S END TIME PURPOSE

                        EB638            GOD'S VOICE IN THE CHURCH

                        EB639            WISE MEN WORSHIP

                        EB663            THE WORD

                        EB664            WHICH JESUS?

                        EB697            WORLD CONGRESS - 1990

                        EB699            ETERNAL JUDGMENT

                        EB719            KINGDOM GOALS

                        EB720            DIVINE AFFIRMATIONS

                        EB725            FAITH - A FOUNDATION STONE

                        EB726            RIGHTEOUSNESS NEEDED (1)

                        EB737            UNDERSTANDING GOD'S CARE

                        EB738            THE GLORIOUS CHURCH WILL BE HOLY

                        EB791            THE GROWTH FACTOR NEEDED IN THE CHURCH

                        EB792            THE CROSS

                        EB793            THE NEED TO BE CLEANSED

                        EB794            THE CHIEF SHEPHERD & HIS SHEEP (1)

                        EB795            THE CHIEF SHEPHERD & HIS SHEEP (2)

                        EB796            DUTIES OF A SHEPHERD (1)

                        EB797            DUTIES OF A SHEPHERD (2)

                        EB850            ACCOUNTABILITY IN GODíS CALLING

                        EB851            LOVE ONE ANOTHER

                        EB852            THE NATURE OF TRUTH

                        EB853            DONíT INTROVERT

                        EB854            COVENANT PEOPLE

                        EB855            BALANCED CHRISTIANITY

                        EB856            CHRISTIAN LIFE PRINCIPLES

                        EB857            IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF IT

                        EB858            THE THINGS OF GOD

                        EB859            YE DO ERR BECAUSE YE KNOW NOT THE

                        EB860            THE PROMISE

                        EB882            KINGDOM OF GOD PERSONALLY

                        EB891            THE VISITATION OF GOD

                        EB892            HEAVENLY VISION

                        EB895            THE AUTHENTIC CHURCH

                        EB896            RESURRECTION IN PENTECOST

                        EB897            GODLY FOUNDATIONS

                        EB898            FOLD MEETING

                        EB905            GOD, HEAVEN AND EARTH

                        EB906            RELATIONSHIPS  ROMANS 16

                        EB911            THE NEW MAN PT 1

                        EB912            THE NEW MAN PT 2

                        EB913            ACTS 17

                        EB914            THE CHIEF SHEPHERD

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