When I first became a Christian, I wondered what Santa Clause, bunny rabbits, colored eggs, decorated trees, witches, black cats and a hosts of other things which are endorsed by the church had to do with Christianity. So I began a search to find out the truth. I looked in encyclopedias, and other secular reference books as well as religious material. I listened to and read what other teachers had to say about it.

I was shocked at what I found! I think that you will be too. If you are a Christian who does not see the harm in observing these holidays, look up the scripture referred to in these studies and ask the Holy Spirit what His will is concerning these holidays. The bottom line is that anything which does not build up Christ, takes away from Him. You are for Him or against Him - there is no in-between.

(Luke 11:23 NASB) "He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me, scatters.""He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me, scatters."

Luke 11:23: Vs. 11:23 Neutrality is not possible. Many think that because they are not decidedly opposing Christ, they are somehow acceptable to God. However, the significance of the Lord's statement is that there is no such thing as neutrality with reference to Christ. Either a man is wholly committed to Christ, or else he finds himself in total opposition to Him.

The Old Testament literally happened, but it happened as a type or shadow for us. Many times when Israel conquered a pagan land, the Lord commanded that every man, woman, child, and animal be put to death. Because of their immorality and beastality, these people were diseased. To associate with them meant certain death for the Israelites. They were always told not to do as the pagans do, but to keep themselves separate. These things were done as a type or shadow for us. When we are translated from the kingdom of darkness (the pagan land) into the kingdom of Light (the promised land) we put to death (crucify with Christ) our old selves and are born again. We should not bring our old customs and ways of worship with us. To associate with these customs could result in spiritual death to a Christian. It is certainly not pleasing to our Lord.

(Ephesians 5:8-11 NASB) for you were formerly darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; walk as children of light {9} (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth), {10} trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord. {11} And do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;

(1 Corinthians 10: 5 NASB) Nevertheless, with most of them God was not well-pleased; for they were laid low in the wilderness.

6 Now these things happened as examples for us, that we should not crave evil things, as they also craved.


The studies listed here are the result of my search for the Truth.


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