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The Tabernacle In The Wilderness

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The pictures on this page were taken of a model of the tabernacle in the wilderness, which I built. I have seen the tabernacle modeled in many different ways, but the fact is that no one knows for sure how it looked. Many of the details were given to the inspired workmen and are not recorded in the bible. It is the same way with Christians. The overall picture is given in the bible, but the details are given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to each individual as God wills.

The tabernacle is a type, which depicts Christ and the way to come to the Father. While it is a type, as is most of the Old Testament, it was really built and everything in the Old Testament really happened.

This is not an exhaustive study by any means, but I have been told by many who have read it that it is a blessing. I offer it to anyone who is interested. I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to you through this study.

Dale Soileau
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