Ern Baxter

Ern Baxter

Ern Baxter was born in Saskatchewan, Canada.  He was raised in classical Pentecostalism.. Later in his teenage years, Ern lost his faith reacting to legalistic  religion.   He returned to Christianity after he was miracously healed from pneumonia and supposedly after being informed by a friend that being a Christian isn’t about what you do for God, but it is about what Jesus Christ has done for you.  On the 24 May 1932, he entered full time ministry as a musician.

Ern  Baxter was a major Christian force in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Some of these teaching were personally recorded by the founder of Broken Bread Teaching Tapes, Lyvonne Goza.  She acquired as many of Baxter’s tapes as she could, making it possible to offer these teachings to you, today.

Near the end of his life, Ern was attempting to impart what he had learned to younger men – his "Timothys".  Broken Bread Teaching Tapes was given permission by Ern Baxter, before his death, to reproduce and distrubute his teaching.  We are attempting to preserve his teachings by converting his aging tapes into digital format and to distribute them free of charge using the internet to anyone who will listen to them.  We are continuing his efforts to produce – his “Timothys” who spread the Word Of God.

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